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Our Philosophy

As a firm led by experienced operators turned venture capitalists, we can help you build a great technology business. Our approach to working with great entrepreneurs leans heavily on the following tenets.

Cultivate collaborative and accretive partnerships: we are entrepreneurs investing in entrepreneurs.

Build trust and make sure all parties’ interests are aligned as the business grows.

Add value: we are here to help with our time, operational experience, and investor, banker, and industry networks.

Invest in great people and implement efficient processes, as talent & time are the most finite constraints on a company.

Have fun along the way: building a business should be both challenging and rewarding.

Our Focus

Vocap partners with today’s disruptive technology companies to provide capital, operating experience, and critical relationships. We focus on:


  • Experienced, passionate entrepreneurs
  • Track record of operational success
  • Strong domain expertise
  • Clear product vision


  • Proven product / market fit
  • $1-10 million in revenue with strong growth
  • Established unit economics
  • Core focus on Series A

Core Themes

  • Future of work and productivity
  • The “science of selling”
  • Transforming healthcare


  • Enterprise / Business Productivity Software
  • Healthcare IT
  • FinTech
  • Media & Entertainment Software
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Software


  • $1-5 million initial check
  • Lead or partner
  • Reserve capital for follow-on
  • Target 2-7 year exit time frame


  • Headquartered in North America
  • Core focus on Eastern and Southern metros


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