The Vocap Org Health Guidebook

Intro to the Vocap Org Health Guidebook

A No-Fluff Guide to Stellar Organizational Health

As a leader of an early-stage business, you probably understand that organizational health is critically important. But knowing is easy. Acting is harder:
  • There are always more pressing things: org health can feel abstract and secondary when you’re trying to grow your sales, manage cash, hire new people, etc. Also…
  • It’s hard to know where to start: what are the clear action steps on what to do and when?
We have experienced this sticking point many times – both first hand and with our portfolio companies – so we created this guidebook to help you strike the balance that prioritizes org health without making it feel burdensome. Org health is really, really important. In fact, it’s because of these challenges that organizational health can be one of the greatest comparative advantages for your organization.
What exactly is Organizational Health?
Organizational health is the summation of purpose (why), direction (where), leadership (who), and empowerment and accountability (how). When an organization is “healthy”, these elements are clear and understood. Things move quicker, innovation thrives, and ambitious objectives are achieved. Talented people are drawn to these types of environments, and these systems perpetuate themselves.