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The Art of a Crisp Data Room

Ahead of any fundraise, building a tight initial data room is key. It’s widely underappreciated how much a streamlined data package can accelerate the due diligence process. This leads us...

Advice for Entrepreneurs

Inside the R&D Black Box: Finding the Sweet Spot for Spend

For many founders, especially those that haven’t managed product & engineering teams before, the R&D function can feel a bit like a black box. Am I spending the right amount…
Advice for Entrepreneurs

Top Tips to Run a Kick-Ass Board Meeting

The bane of every Founder & CEO’s existence: the dreaded board meeting. There are numerous articles, blogs, and opinions on how to run an efficient and effective board meeting, but…
Advice for Entrepreneurs

CFOs and Financial Leadership: What Many Founders Miss

What does a bonafide CFO bring to the table? Are they really worth the price tag? When should I hire one? (more…)