There are many business processes that are well served by broad, general software solutions which leverage scale and an ecosystem of related applications to serve an industry’s needs. Media revenue management is not one of those areas. Put simply, media companies – particularly publishers – don’t sell, service and bill the same way other industries do. As a result, they have long suffered trying to force fit existing, bookings-based CRM solutions that aren’t suited for a delivery-focused industry.

To make matters worse, generic CRM solutions aren’t well suited to handle the shift in media to omni-channel and can’t handle post close order tracking and management. This forces companies to invest millions to customize generic CRM solutions and to bolt in legacy order mgmt. software. After all this effort, they are left with a clunky solution their sellers hate, which doesn’t forecast and deliver accurately. A true lose/lose.

All of this will help you understand why we were excited to back the team at boostr. Patrick O’Leary and Katie Schuele have assembled a seasoned group of media & technology pros that have lived through the pain of ill-fitting and outdated revenue management tools and solved for it with a purpose-built end-to-end solution for media. Skip the expensive consultants, no need to hire an administrator, cut some money out of your budget from those other 3-5 other tools you were using, and stop fielding all the complaints from your account execs. boostr does it all, it’s easy to implement and even easier to use. Sales teams love it and media revenue forecasters have been begging for it. It’s no wonder leading media companies like Buzzfeed, Complex Media, Vevo any many others are flocking to boostr.

We look forward to partnering with Patrick, Katie and the boostr team as they continue to scale a global customer base. Read more about our Series A investment in boostr here.