If you are like us, you consume a lot of content (books, blogs, podcasts, etc.) that is directly or indirectly related to personal or professional development, but you find it challenging to consistently internalize the insights to the extent that they guide your behavior in the long term. Many smart people have lent their perspective on the topic over the years, offering various schools of thought on how best to approach this. Two of the more prominent, yet opposing philosophies include:

This has inspired us to introduce “What Vocap is Reading”: a new blog series in which we will outline our key insights from a given book/longform piece/podcast/etc., and comment on their application to startups and/or VC from our lens. We invite you to be a part of this element of our journey as we continually seek to learn, adapt and reflect. Just click on “What Vocap is Reading” in the archives tab to see the latest.

PS: We always welcome recommendations. What should be in our queue?