We are thrilled to announce our recent investment in Atlanta-based Transitiv, the customer data platform purpose built for multi-location retailers and franchise brands. Vocap led the oversubscribed Series Seed round, which will be used to accelerate growth, advance the product and grow the team.

At this point, digital marketers have literally thousands of tools available to them. Marketing tech stacks are increasingly complex. But no matter what combination they select, marketers are left with a lot of silo’d data between systems and limited insight into what’s driving the behavior of their end customer. Not to mention many businesses outsource digital marketing at least partially to an outside agency, adding yet another layer of opacity. As an open platform, Transitiv sits on top of these applications, ingests and unifies the data so marketers can better understand and engage their customers.

The explosion of the marketing tech landscape in recent years has resulted in data challenges similar to what you might see in a tiered supply chain system spanning multiple companies as a product goes from raw material suppliers to manufacturer to distributor and into storefronts.  Critical data about each phase of the supply chain often pools up inside disparate companies and systems across the chain and the picture is incomplete. In MarTech, this is now happening within tech stacks inside a single company, as websites, MAPs, CRMs, POS systems, and loyalty applications create separate pools of data and critical customer insights are missed. Transitiv solves this large and growing problem by directly empowering marketers to visualize customers’ full path to a transaction, understand the value of each touchpoint along that path, segment customers and optimize marketing spend accordingly.

In addition to a compelling product solving a real pain point, the founding team – whom we’ve gotten to know over the last year – is a foundational part of our thesis. They are highly complementary in skillset, industry knowledge and relevant network. If you were going to hand pick a founding team to tackle this problem for franchise and multi-location retail, it would be them.

Here is a quick outline of why we are excited to partner with Transitiv:

  • Unsolved challenge core to clients’ business:
    • Same store sales (SSS) growth is mission critical: franchises and multi-location retailers are constantly searching for ways to grow within their current footprint
    • Digital black box challenge: there is a lack of transparency in the form of clean data linking consumer touchpoints across digital channels; it’s impossible to optimize the ‘black-box’ decision making using traditional agencies; this is only getting worse with the proliferation of marketing channels and execution tools
    • Timing is right: these businesses have dedicated marketing budgets, so money is already flowing to solve the problem; only recently has the industry allocated meaningful spend to establish digital marketing competency required for customer data platform effectiveness
  • Compelling and proven value to client:
    • Faster, more efficient growth: Transitiv is accelerating SSS growth for clients by acquiring more customers, increasing frequency and average ticket size
    • Insights into action: fragmented data goes into Transitiv’s system, buyer journey insights are surfaced, data-backed recommendations are made; users can drill down, set parameters at any level of granularity desired across a brand, region, store or down to the individual customer level
    • Unmatched product flexibility: open platform means the system can ingest data from virtually any source
    • Plug and play deployment: no cumbersome implementations, no expensive consultants required, immediately actionable analysis with ‘do-it-for-me’ add on execution service for resource-light franchisees
  • Ideal blend of expertise and network:
    • Leadership brings unique perspective at the intersection of marketing tech and franchise / retail
    • Experienced, serial entrepreneurs